Winners of the 2020 HMS RONIN #TelehealthDataChallenge were announced today, with the following awards presented by HMS Chair and CEO, Bill Lucia:

Retrospective Challenge
Winner: Team 5 – $6000
Michael Rasmussen
Penelope Main
Sunita Bapuji
Sylvia Daravong
Alice Wilkin
Sarah Anderson
Industry Team – all members from AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

Retrospective Challenge
Runner-Up: Team 2 – $3000
Ilana Solo (Bendigo Health)
Keven Bennett (NSW Health)
Joanna Ling (RMIT University)
Mamatha Chandra Singh (University of Wollongong)
Anna Evangelista (Western Sydney University).

Prospective Challenge
Winner: Team 7 – $6000
Emma Wainwright (Monash University)
Marcel Chee (Monash University)
Huan Yee Koh (Monash University)
Harvey Jia Wei Koh (Monash University)
Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley (University of Sydney)
Bernard Bucalon (University of Sydney)

HMS Senior Director of Creative and Brand, Reginald Foxworth, awarded the Social Media Challenge prizewinners, those who used the hashtag #TelehealthDataChallenge to best effect throughout the event.

Social Media Winners – $500 ea
Marcel Chee (Monash)
Urooj R. Khan (La Trobe University)
Harvey Jia Wei Koh (Monash)
Arwa Siddiqui (Macquarie University)
Jacqueline Stephens (Flinders University)
Emma Whitelock-Wainwright (Monash)

Special Mention – Team 13
Kara Burns (QLD Metro North Hospital and Health Service)
Jane Frost (University of Canberra)
Rex Parsons (QLD University of Technology)
Matthais Mersenich (Pen CS)
Dr Urooz Raza Khan (La Trobe University)
C K Wee (QLD Health).

Congratulations to all our amazing datathon participants who worked so hard turning numbers into stories about how telehealth worked on the ground during COVID.

The 2020 Telehealth Datathon is the work of the Digital Health CRC, HMS and RONIN and is supported by Curtin University and La Trobe University.

Our esteemed judges who gave so freely of their time and expertise were HMS Chair and CEO Bill Lucia, executives Emmet O’Gara, Maria Perrin and Jacob Sims.

Mentors were:
Dr Amir Marashi (aka Meersie!) – (Digital Health CRC)
Jason Cooper
Hal Gooch,
Dr Timothy J Garrett,
Yan (Peter) Xu
Jill Field
Lisa Freeman Foote
Ellen Harrison
Gary Call
Harrison Karg
Dr Ori Gudes
Ralf-D. Schroers
Rafael Souza, PhD
Dr Amandeep Hansra
Chris Stewart
TJ Harrop
Rich Brophy
Phil Dooley

The Datathon was organised by the Digital Health CRC Education Team, featuring Education Manager Dr Melanie Haines and Education Coordinator Neil Taplin, with extensive support from Mark Bucciarelli and Kirsten Jackson, and Donna Price, Jason Cooper, Reginald Foxworth, Liz Bryson and Samantha Fleming from HMS. Nathan Albrighton and the team from RONIN played an important role in ensuring data access. We thank Curtin University (particularly Professor Suzanne Robinson) and La Trobe University (in particular, Professor James Boyd) for their support.