Finding the Right Tools to Integrate and Expand Your Services Through Telehealth

Telehealth Hub

This website collates and indexes a wide range of resources that have been shared and recommended by members of Australia’s health community, in order to support their colleagues, professionals, and consumers to use telehealth effectively.

When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre (DHCRC) launched a series of telehealth webinars that were attended by almost 5,000 people, mainly health professionals.

In the webinars, large audiences learned from expert practitioners and clinicians who generously shared their own experience and tips on getting up to speed effectively and rapidly.

Q&A sessions in the webinars generated a huge amount of valuable information from both our presenters and the audience who have submitted links, resources, and recommendations.

We’ve collated this crowd-sourced information and presented it on this website, and we invite you to add to, update and correct any information you see here – go to the Contact form to submit your questions, information, or suggestions.

We would also like to acknowledge the numerous government agencies, professional bodies, organisations, and individuals who have contributed the resources shared on this site.

    What is telehealth?

    Telehealth is the practice of assessing patients remotely using videoconference, digital photography, instant messaging or other technology, that enables patients and physicians to meet no matter where they are located.

    Why telehealth?

    Telehealth is a safe, efficient, and low-risk way for clinicians, service providers, and consumers to continue important health services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Although telehealth has been around for a long time in Australia, the uptake has been limited and it’s been mostly used in remote or isolated communities and groups. Recent changes to the Medicare item for telehealth boosted its use, and with the impact of COVID 19, millions of Australians have suddenly needed to get to grips with delivering or accessing health care by phone video, text, or via the internet.

    How DHCRC supported the health community

    The DHCRC responded quickly to support the health community as it has rapidly transitioned to deliver more services via telehealth. First, our telehealth webinars featured leading experts and practitioners who shared their knowledge and experience with thousands of attendees.

    We also engaged with the broader community to develop the DHCRC Telehealth Hub, which collates resource to help consumers/patients, clinicians and policy makers to support the delivery of high quality, safe and compassionate health care.

    What you will find on this site

    What you will find on this site:

    • Governance and LegalityTelehealth consultations follow the same standards as face-to-face consultations. This page contains guidelines from government and professional bodies that can help service providers understand the legal (privacy), ethical, and clinical governance issues around telehealth.
    • Things About TechnologyThis page contains ‘fishing-rods’ to help novice technology users to fish for the right technology. You’ll find key concepts around data security; six steps we recommend to set up your practice for telehealth; examples of technology you could consider using to provide digital health; and some further reading around tech.
    • Hints and Tips for Clinicians and Providers: This page houses useful resources for clinicians and service providers to assist before, during, and in between telehealth consults. We invite you to contribute flow charts, templates, tools, and articles you have developed to help clinicians deliver services via telehealth and develop consumer-facing resources.
    • Hints and Tips for Health ConsumersThis consumer-facing page has an FAQ and resources to help consumers who are considering using telehealth for the first time.
    • COVID-19 Related Telehealth ResourcesThis page collates telehealth resources developed in response to COVID-19 including links to online symptom checkers; COVID-19 training materials; resources for clinicians working outside the scope of their normal practice; lists of COVID-19 knowledge hubs both in Australia and internationally.
    • Webinar Updates: Check out the video recordings of past webinars, and read through our short summaries of some of the key points.