Hints and Tips for Clinicians and Service Providers

Telehealth has been widely adopted and/or expanded in health care practices worldwide in response to COVID-19, as primary care physicians, specialists, psychologists and other medical and allied health clinicians aim to reduce contagion risks.

This page contains useful resources to help clinicians and service providers to more effectively prepare for and conduct telehealth consultations.

We invite you to share flow charts, templates, tools, and articles you have developed to help clinicians deliver services via telehealth, and consumer-facing resources.

Conducting a telehealth consultation


Evaluate telehealth services

Telehealth guides and flow charts
Specialty area telehealth guides and resources
Mental health

Occupational therapy



Speech pathology

Children with complex disabilities


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Electronic prescribing and telehealth in pharmacy

Electronic transfer of prescriptions (ETP)


Clinical images and use of personal mobile device

Australian Medical Association and Medical Indemnity Industry Association of Australia

Examples of consent forms and patient information
Telehealth hubs or toolkits (Australia)
Telehealth hubs or toolkits (international)
Tele-trial Resources

Clinical Oncology Society of Australia. Australasian Tele-Trial Model: access to clinical trials closer to home using telehealth v7.0 (19 September 2016)

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. VCCC Teletrials Resources

Queensland Health Teletrials Resources

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Success stories

COORDINARE. Specialist telehealth hub. South Eastern NSW PHN 

WA Country Health Service. Telehealth. Government of Western Australia