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The Challenge

Australia’s health costs as a percentage of GDP are increasing dramatically. In the 10 years to 2013-14, health expenditure outstripped inflation, population growth and the rate of population aging.

In 2017-18  total healthcare spend was $185.4 billion –  (Source: AIHW)

In an age when people expect access to advanced healthcare and better health outcomes, public and private health organisations alike recognise that ‘STEM’ skills are crucial. As a result of this, and the rapid digitisation of health services around the world, the demand for health data scientists, health technologists and technology-literate clinical staff has never been greater.

Our Solution

We are developing a unique, multidisciplinary, collaborative taskforce of research, clinical, industry, government and educational organisations to focus research and development on combining individual and collective expertise with data, information and telecommunication technologies.

We are also building a world-leading research and innovation centre, with all work designed to address identified industry issues. Over 70 organisations, including health funds, larger and small health and technology providers, and 17 universities, have joined this Australia-wide R&D consortium.

The Outcomes

This collaborative approach will deliver transformative outcomes:


Improve the health and wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of Australians

Improve value of care

Reduce adverse drug-reaction events (currently accounts for 400,000 GP visits a year)

Save the Australian health system $1.8 billion

Create a new digital workforce through at least 1000 new jobs in digital health and related industries

Create new companies and products for Australian and global markets



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University Partners

Government and Industry Partners

Management Team

Dr Terry Sweeney CEO

Dr Terry Sweeney

Chief Executive Officer

Professor Tim Shaw

Director of Research and
Workforce Capacity


Professor Federico Girosi

Co-Chief Scientist

Professor Barry Drake

Co-Chief Scientist

Dr Amir Marashi

Data Scientist

Nicki Newton

Administration and Research Officer

Sharon Birrell

Governance Coordinator

Dr Isobel Frean

Senior Consultant

Dr Melanie Haines

Education Manager

Wayne Evans

Wayne Evans

Chief Financial Officer

Neil Taplin

Neil Taplin

Education Coordinator

Flagship Research and Education Directors (FREDs)

Professor James Boyd

Professor of Public Health (Digital Health), Curtin University and Latrobe University

Professor Rachel Davey

Director, Health Research Institute, University of Canberra

Professor Steven McPhail

Professor in Health Services Research, Queensland University of Technology

Professor Suzanne Robinson

Professor and Theme Leader for Health Systems and Health Economics, Curtin University

Professor Susan Gordon

Professor and Theme Leader for Residential and Assisted Aged Care, Flinders Iniversity


Michael Walsh, Chair

Kate Munnings

Bill Lucia

Dr Steve Hambleton

Dr Megan Robertson

Paul McBride

Professor Priscilla Rogers

Dr Neale Fong

Professor Deborah Sweeney

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