Digital Health CRC in collaboration with Capital Markets CRC and Research Australia have published Flying Blind: The Australian Health Data Series. It is a series of reports dedicated to uncovering the acute levels of data fragmentation existing at all levels of Australia’s health landscape. Each volume is an in-depth investigation into different aspects and usages of this data.

Two volumes in the Flying Blind series have been released so far.

Volume 1 focuses on the intricacies of the consumer health journey and reviews how data fragmentation could hinder the development of superior healthcare in Australia.

Volume 2 examines Australia’s health and medical research data environment and the processes of health researchers, with a focus on HMR funding and the policies regarding the access, use, reuse and storage of data.

Lorica Health is a proud industry partner of the Digital Health CRC as together we aim to innovate the Digital Health environment and drive improvements in Australia’s health market.