Panel chair, Dr Norman Swan.

Set against the backdrop of the current COVID-19 crisis, our webinar panellists will discuss the role telehealth can play in primary and secondary care. The panel will present practical strategies for healthcare professionals and outline the risks and rewards of telehealth for practitioners and patients alike.

Key topics will include how to:

• identify and adopt successful telehealth models
• modify business models for practices when implementing telehealth
• use remote triaging and online consultations to manage situations like COVID-19
• engage technology to support infection control and protect staff and patients
• best utilise existing online consultation platforms and implement new systems
• build a health workforce and patient ecosystem that is confident in using telehealth technology
• consider clinical governance issues in relation to telehealth
• select patient settings where telehealth is most valuable
• enable video consultation capability and why this might be appropriate
• address common telehealth challenges and communicate benefits
• find relevant resources and where to access support.

Is COVID-19 the disruption that will lead to changes in the way we use technology over the longer term? During the discussion you will find out what our experts think.

Panel chair: Dr Norman Swan (physician and journalist)

– Professor Trish Greenhalgh (Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford, UK)
– Dr Amandeep Hansra (GP, Bondi Doctors, NSW, Australia)
– Dr Neale Fong (WA Country Health Service Board Chair, WA, Australia, and medical practitioner)
– Karrie Long (School of Nursing and Midwifery, La Trobe University and Director, Nursing Research Hub, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, Australia)
– Dr Daniel Stefanski (Staff Specialist Infectious Diseases Physician, Queensland Health, Queensland, Australia).

This webinar is proudly bought to you by the Digital Health CRC in collaboration with Curtin University and La Trobe University.

Watch the webinar recording.


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